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We receive no government or NHS funding.  Counsellors work for us free of charge, donating 4 hours of their time each week.  If you would like to help us in our work with a donation, however small, simply send us a cheque or phone for our bank details and make an electronic transfer. Or you might like to call in and donate in person. Our Director will be happy to talk to you about our work.

Leaving a Legacy for St Barnabas

The St Barnabas Counselling Centre is a Registered Charity dedicated to providing affordable, professional and confidential counselling for individuals aged 18+. We recognise that those people most in need of counselling may often be least able to pay for counselling, and at St Barnabas every consideration is given to their financial circumstances. We are an open organisation with no religious affiliations, and people may self-refer. Over the years we have been able to provide much needed support to thousands of individuals but our ethos of offering counselling to those less able to pay, means that we rely on money from other sources, such as from legacies. Every year St Barnabas helps hundreds of people in Norfolk and beyond who may be feeling despair, who may have issues that prevent them from achieving their ambitions and/or who seek a more fulfilling and positive outlook on life. This in turn often helps their families, carers and the wider community.

For some people, counselling can be a life-changing experience, from despair to hope.


What difference will it make?

Your gift will help us to continue to provide much needed counselling to those in distress. It will make a real difference now and to future generations.

What is the benefit of leaving a gift to a charity?

Gifts to charities through a will are exempt from inheritance tax so it may help reduce the amount of tax payable if your estate (property, money and possessions less any debts you owe) is over the Inheritance Tax exempt threshold. Indeed, some people use gifts to charities as a way of staying within the tax threshold, therefore avoiding tax altogether. Up to date information on tax rates and thresholds can be found at

Why leave a gift in your will to St Barnabas?

St Barnabas is one of the largest independent counselling organisations in Norfolk, well respected by GPs and other health professionals, delivering tangible, positive benefit. This is an extract written by one of our clients (published with their permission):

“It's difficult to really put into words how much St.Barnabas has helped me to heal and move forward. The compassion, warmth and understanding I was afforded during my sessions has been some of the most valued of my life and I will always be appreciative.

I would say to anyone who views counselling as I once did, with so much hesitancy, to not see it as something to procure as a last resort. I won't say I wish I had had counselling earlier, because everyone has to be ready at their own time to find help. Sometimes, being strong means being able to accept we are only human and; individually, we don't have all the answers.

I learnt one of the most important lessons I feel I will ever learn: the only person who can ultimately help yourself, is you. But St. Barnabas will show you how that can be achieved.

Leaving a gift in a will is a compassionate and caring way of donating and St Barnabas is grateful for any gift that you can give us to help us deliver our support.

How do I leave a gift?

There are a number of options when it comes to leaving a gift to us, and we recommend that you consult a professional such as a solicitor or will writer.

There are many options when writing your gift into a new will including:

I don't have much to leave. Is it worth it?

Absolutely, even a small amount can help us continue our work. Little gifts are much valued; lots of little gifts from lots of people make a big difference.

Can I find out more before I make a decision?

If you would like any further information we would be happy to help you. Please ask for Cathy Austin, Director, on 01603 625222. We understand how private legacy wishes are, so anything you talk to us about will, of course, be confidential.

Wording your will

If you would like to help us by leaving a gift, please use the following words:


I give to the St Barnabas Counselling Centre, Derby Street, Norwich, NR2 4PU,

Registered Charity no. 1000797 either A or B:

  1. _____% of estate, after payment of my debts, pecuniary legacies, funeral and administrative expenses and any taxes, to be used by St Barnabas at their discretion and I direct that the Trustees of St Barnabas Counselling Centre shall be a good discharge for my executors. Or,
  2. the sum of £_______________ free of all inheritance tax to be used by St Barnabas at their discretion and I direct that the Trustees of St Barnabas Counselling Centre shall be a good discharge for my executors.


I have a will and do not wish to rewrite it. Can I still leave a gift?

Yes, you can leave a gift using a 'Codicil' click here. This is a legal document adding to, or changing, an existing will. You cannot change or add anything to your current will by crossing anything out or adding to it, as such changes are not legally binding.


Some points to note with a Codicil:

Can I arrange donations in memory of someone?

St Barnabas values 'In Memoriam' donations. It is a positive way of remembering a close friend or loved one for the benefit of St Barnabas :

What if my circumstances change?

With a properly worded legacy, should your personal circumstances change, your will can automatically take account of this.

Will leaving a legacy affect my inheritance tax liability?

Gifts to charities in your will are generally exempt from inheritance tax. If you leave a charitable gift it will be deducted from your estate before inheritance tax liability is calculated.


Contacting us

PHONE: St Barnabas on 01603 625222 and ask for Mark McDonnell, Director of Counselling

WRITE: to us at St Barnabas Counselling Centre, Derby Street, Norwich, NR2 4PU


Reg Charity Number 1000797