St. Barnabas Couselling Centre, Derby St., Norwich NR2 4PU

For Counsellors

Counsellors: We depend on the quality of our counsellors

St. Barnabas is well-recognised for the quality of counselling we offer. We assist our counsellors with the provision of in-house group supervision, community meetings and training with guest speakers.

Our counsellors all have a counselling qualification to advanced/post-graduate diploma level or equivalent, or are completing their training.

Even if we have no immediate vacancies we are interested to hear from you as vacancies can occur throughout the year.

If you are registered and qualified with the BACP, UKCP or other recognised body, or are in the last year of a recognised diploma course, please download our application form and send it to us with a covering letter and your CV.

Counsellors Application Form - (Word doc)

Volunteer Counsellor Agreement - (pdf doc)


Training Days and Workshops for St Barnabas’ Counsellors


Evening CPD 5:30-7:00. Free to St B's volunteers and group supervisors

February 13th

Martin Lansdon: Focusing for Personal Development

May 22nd (Fri)

Mick Cooper: Integration and Directivity

September 17th

Melanie Godwin: Dissociative Identity Disorder

November 19th

Sheridan Chaffe: Compassion Focused Therapy


 Evening CPD 5:30-7:00. Free to St B's volunteers

January 31st

Martin Langsdon: CBT techniques in humanistic counselling

May 30th

Dr Kirshen Rundle: Hearing Voices

August 29th

Warren Cathrine: Sexuality in Therapy

November 14th

Professor Windy Dryden: Single session therapy (finishes 7:30)

November 15th

 Training session with Windy Dryden (10:00-1:00)



Nov 29th

Workshop on group therapy. Richard Oliver

Aug 30th

Autism and Counselling.  Ryan Tebbit

May 31st

Emotional resilience. Dr Laura Biggart UEA

March 29th

Working with loss and bereavement. Frances Redcliffe and Wendy Burrill from Cruse



November, 30th

'Brief Therapy' with Pete Cairns, Clinical Psychologist
August, 31st

‘Transgender Issues in Therapy’ with Katy Jon 

June, 29th

‘ The importance of sleep for us and our clients’ with Marian Pearson from Sleep East.

March, 9th

Sue Lambert Trust’s Clare Evans ran a workshop on ‘Working with Clients who have been sexually abused.’



September 29th

Personality disorder.  What that means for individuals with these vulnerabilities and looking at a model for working with them - Presented by Annette Duff

June 9th

Working with partners of people with sex addiction -  Presented by  Eamonn O’Mahoney

March 31st

Working with suicidal clients -  Presented by Helen Salmon



October 29th

Introduction to Psychosynthesis, spiritual companions and the therapeutic work of the Mangreen Trust - Presented by Naomi Duffield

July 30th

Working with Abusers' - Presented by Dr Lynda Thompson

April 30th

Introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques - Presented by Rosalind Bubb

January 29th

Compassion-Focused Therapy' - Presented by John Marshall



October 30th

Introduction to Systemic Family Therapy - Presented by Stephanie Barker

July 31st

Introduction to EMDR - Presented by Mark Brayne

June 14th

“Away Day” at Nogg’s Barn

May 29th

Workshop on “Attachment - An Introduction to the Dynamic Modal of Attachment (DMM)” - Presented by Catherine Thomas



September 12th

Workshop on Neuroscience and Therapy - “Healing through Embodiment and Neurointegration” - Presented by Sue Bayliss

August 29th

“Our Legacy” - looking at Death and Dying - Presented by Sally Hunter and Kay Sanderson

May 30th

Clients with Sex Addiction - Presented by Eamann O’Mahoney

January 31st

Training by the Crisis Team



November 29th

Cognitive Analytical Therapy (CAT) - Presented by Jackie Baker

August 30th

Aspergers East: Working with clients with possible Asperger’s and how to get a diagnosis and more support - Presented by Gordon Keeble

June 14th

Annual Update on Mental Health Service: an annual update about the local restructuring of the mental Health Services, our referral routes and discussing medication and diagnostic assessments - Presented by Dr. John Wilson Consultant Psychiatrist

May 31st

Headway workshop - working with clients who have head-injuries - Presented by Sean Hindle

March 8th

Discussion of DVD "A Logical Way of Being" The reality of Dissociative Identity Disorder and other complex dissociative conditions - Presented by Remy Aquarone from the Pottergate Centre for Dissociation and Trauma



September 29th

Introduction to Process Work - Presented by Helen Wells

July 14th

Talk on the Harbour Centre (support for survivors of sexual assault) - Presented by Diana Baxter

March 31st

Using Art and Imagery in Counselling - Presented by Bee Springwood



December 11th

Sexually Harmful Behaviour - Present by Louise Horspool

September 30th

An Introduction to Machin's Adult Attitude to Grief scale and Gilberts' compassion-focused-therapy - Presented by Kathleen Madigan

July 29th

Gay Affirmative Therapy

April  29th

Eating Disorders and Attachment Theory - Presented by Julia Buckroyd, Emeritus Professor of Counselling at the University of Hertfordshire



December 5th

Understanding Dissociation - Presented by Melanie Goodwin and Kathryn Livingston (First Person Plural).

July 30th

Living with Dissociative Identity Disorder - Presented by Melanie (Chair of First Person Plural)

April 30th

Domestic Violence - Presented by Pam Mathias


Advanced Hypnotherapy and Personal Development - Presented by Greg Forde